Sunday, November 16, 2008

Living the 3L dream

ATTENTION 1Ls--right now you may be freaking the fuck out about exams. That's natural. I'm not here to offer advice right now (although there are several other posts here that deal with that, such as this one) but I promise it gets much, much better.

Be glad you aren't graduating yet. The legal job market is in shambles right now and by the time you graduate things should be on an upswing (hell--they couldn't possibly get worse). I am living proof that the pressure of law school is virtually nonexistent after year two (and really, after your third semester). Look at my current situation: the MPRE is over (although there's a damn good chance I'll have to retake it in March). My Trial Practice class is over (we won our trial. Bitch.). My Pretrial Practice class is also over. I only have two exams--one on Dec. 9 and one on Dec. 16. So hang in there kids, it all gets better...

Of course, then you have entirely new concerns, like getting a job and passing the bar exam. But you have plenty of other things to worry about between now and then.

In the meantime, here's a pearl to keep you from completely losing any sense of humor you had before law school. (Pssssst: you'll need to find that sense of humor again for job interviews and summer positions!): an_submits_drawing.php

Oh yeah... did I mention I'll be in Costa Rica for Thanksgiving break? YEEKBONE!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Anxiety abounds

Tomorrow could (should) be one of the most glorious days in history. I'm poll-watching in a quasi-rural area in a traditionally red state so I'll be up at 5:30am, which I kind of regret already, but I had to so something to be a part of this one.

I'll also just be happy to have all this political diarrhea off the airwaves. Cheese and crackers I'm getting sick of this nonsense.