Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Stop posting grades for classes other than mine

Waiting.... waaaaiiiiiiting....


The Forum Shopper said...

I feel ya. I want my grades already, too!

barb michelen said...

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Justice Moustache said...

Gee, thanks Barb!

PS. I think spammers should all have their balls / meat curtains lopped off with a rusty butter knife, then be force-fed the severed genatalia just before they are dropped four stories onto a comfy bed of broken 40 bottles.

The Grapist said...

While you're waiting you should think about writing more posts about The Wire - it takes a lot for me not to mention it everyday (and I nearly fail at that). Perhaps something about how weirdly sexy Tommy Carcetti is? Yeah, I have a problem.

P.S. Barb is just trying to help you type some stuff and make good money. You really shouldn't be so hard on the old broad (all people named barb are old, right?).

Anonymous said...

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