Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A valuable lesson in humility; the Donald; Obama 2008

Greetings new friends. I promise this is the last I'll wax on this issue... As afore menioned, I fell into the first semester trap--as so many 1Ls before me--of predicting my own success before receiving my exam grades. Although they turned out to not be as bad as I had initially thought (getting your worst grade back first is probably best for morale purposes), I'm firmly entrenched in the middle of the pack, while my aspirations had been for at least top 30%.

To further compound my confusion, I was nonchalantly conversing with another 1L the other day, a nice guy, but one whom I hadn't really figured to have much of a brain. Turns out he got all As and high Bs... which leaves me to go further impale myself on the piercing cutlass of humility. I have chosen to view this lesson as a blessing though; this experience has taught me to forget whatever I thought I knew about my own God-given abilities, and more importantly, not assume I have everyone figured out.

Moving along, I was watching Larry King last night (not really on purpose; I was flipping around) and saw Donald Trump. And I don't care about who's right or right and wrong--you've gotta love this guy. Larry showed a clip from that God-awful piece of midmorning feces, "The View" (which does for the female image what beer ads do for males), in which the lead hens are pecking about on stage, once again clucking about the Donald. Rosie O'Donnell reared back her chicken head and screeched some jibberish about "The Apprentice" tanking (which is news to me), much to the delight of the spectator hens, at which point Barbara Walters recants her previous disclosures about hating Rosie (as every American citizen does, aside from the sycophantic flabby-armed housewives gleefully gyrating in the audience). Donald of course comes across cooler and classier, reluctant to beat the dead horse that is this ongoing charade, and casually pointed out that "The Apprentice" commands ratings that Rosie's canceled show could never have dreamed of, and that once they stop talking about him on The View, the ratings will come back down again.


I used to admire Barbara Walters for her journalism, but I can't help but lose all respect for her after she carved out her own backbone and pretended she loved Rosie.

In any event, without The View we would never have been graced with Tracy Morgan's impressions of Star Jones, which make this whole mess worthwhile.

And most importantly, Barack Obama will compete for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination.

I do have my fears about the way the country will react since so many people (mostly cavemen, cannibals, and NASCAR enthusiasts) aren't ready to have a non-white male President, but if we are able to at least open up to the possibility, it would be an unprecedented leap forward for America. Plus, even the most red-blooded Republicans are starting to realize that anything is better than what we're currently stuck with.**

**disclaimer: Republicans are Americans too, and I have several right wing friends who would even argue that they are also human beings.


angela said...

I lost so much respect for Barbara Walters too with the way she has handled this whole Donald/Rosie thing. I hate "The View" and I definitely hate Rosie O'Donnell. Screw that show, it's all about Judge Mathis and Tyra Banks when it comes to weekday morning television.

Nye! said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog. OL post probably coming Friday or Saturday.

I've got to say, though, that if you really think law school sucks, you will hate working in the legal world and being an attorney. You don't even have a full year in yet -- get out while you can still afford to. Or, learn to like it. If you don't do either, you're in for a long and unsatisfying career.

Blonde Blogger said...

Just wait until you take the bar and you realize that only the completely vapid people that you went to law school with have passed while brilliant people such as myself have to take it again!!

Totally agree with you on The View.

Butterflyfish said...

"Turns out he got all As and high Bs..."

He could also be lying. Law students are notorious f*cking liars. My crim class, for example: there was 1 A, 3 A- according to prof. And many, many grades below C. (It was a harsh, harsh, harsh test.)

I know for sure on one A and 2 A-minuses. Funnily enough, several people have claimed (implicitly or explicitly) to be the third.

Ergo, most of them are lying.

F*cking law students.

Anonymous said...

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