Friday, February 2, 2007

Drive much?

There are few things more irritating than being in the car with a bad driver. A factors test:

1. The light ahead is red. Inexplicably, the driver actually speeds up to reach said light more quickly, and then must slam on the brakes once he or she approaches the it, jerking everyone in the car around (see Newton's 2nd(?) Law).

2. Tailgaters. Why do these people do this? What do you honestly hope to accomplish, other than rear-ending someone and increasing your own insurance premiums? It's not making you any tougher, you aren't teaching anybody any lessons, and OH, jack knob, here's a newsflash--you're the one who's going to be liable for the accident, even if it's because the person you are tailgating has done something stupid.

3. Cellphone--or worse--texting drivers. Some of us can have a brief conversation on our phone while still safely operating a motor vehicle. Many of us cannot. None of us can while texting.


angela said...

I admit that I am guilty of talking on the phone while driving, but I've never understood how people could text while driving. Or use a sidekick. Although, I think the most distracted person I've ever seen, was this one woman who was turned around, reading a book to a child in the backseat AS SHE WAS DRIVING.

dicta said...

i agree with all this, though i must admit that i sometimes tailgate people. but in my defense, i only do it to make sure they can clearly see my middle finger.

angela said...

Hey, I know you haven't posted in awhile, but I just wanted to let you know that I've changed the link to my blog from to :)

charlos said...

RE: A Valuable Lesson in Humility--You should know this by now, Matt, but grades in lawschool are largely arbitrary. This is meant to teach you that your success in court will have as much to do with whether the judge spilled coffee on himself that morning as with your legal prowess. A friend of mine who I have determined suffers from mild retardation got an A in an extremely difficult class. Another friend--who is very intelligent--was told that he had written "the worst exam [the professor]" had "ever, EVER seen." I got an A on an exam in which I cursed at least once and answered at least 1/3 of the questions with jokes. Totally random.

charlos said...

Also, I noticed that you link to a blog titled "You can't get arrested for being awesome." This is incorrect. I am currently representing several clients who were arrested for being awesome in violation of I.C.A. 462A.14, 321J.2(1)(a) and (b), and 725.1. Westlaw it.