Monday, January 14, 2008

Paging Dr. Phil to the Moron of the Week podium

As much as it pains me to give even more attention to the awe-inspiring nuclear meltdown that is Britney Spears, it also gives me an opportunity to trash the ridiculously self-serving and obnoxious goober- ishness of Dr. Phil. Howard Stern had some choice words about the good doctor on Letterman the other night, not the least of which was his pointing out the fact that a Ph.D. from North Texas (with a dissertation on arthritis) hardly qualifies the man as an expert on everybody else's personal business.
In any event, Phil blamed the media for exaggerating the story and implied that it's this kind of trashy journalism that made the washed-up star into what she is. Fair enough, but should Dr. Phil really be calling out anyone else for "trashy journalism?"
And FYI, Doc--while I'm sure your trip to the psychotic ex-star's hospital room was made out of sheer compassion for your fellow human being--the girl was already in a real medical facility, surrounded by real medical doctors... I think they had things about as under control as it was gonna get. If anybody should be on the case, it's the magnificent Jeff Van Vonderen from Intervention (who ironically looks frighteningly like you).

But then again, what the hell do those guys know anyways? After all, you are the almighty, all-knowing guru wielding a Ph.D. from North Texas. Who are we to doubt your greatness?


Parad0x said...

All humor aside, by ribbing him for his educational institution you seem to imply that he'd only be worth his salt if he'd come from the Ivys ;)

Surely not, though :)

Justice Moustache said...

I was simply reiterating what Howard Stern said. I have no problems at all with North Texas. I'm quite sure it's a fine institution with plenty of excellent minds. I am simply offering my position that Dr. Phil seems to have an inflated sense of his own self-importance--whether he hails from Oxford, Yale, or North Texas.

Although truth be told, although I'd still blast him, it wouldn't work nearly as well if he had a degree from one of the snootier schools.

Parad0x said...


My point: Phil is a goofy looking bastard.


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