Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Alcohol sometimes makes me mean

Eh, sorry about the last post... I considered deleting it altogether, but then I decided I should have to be punished by seeing it every time I visited the page, and also that it would encourage me to post more in order to knock it further and further down.

And a couple of you made some good points there. It also wouldn't make much sense to bitch and rant about not getting comments then delete a comment-inducing post.

It is good to know there are some of you out there checking in every now and then, so now I feel motivated to write more useless nonsense. Yeehaw!


Grace said...

You're a filthy skank. Wanna be my pet?

The Grapist said...

Apology accepted, though i still intend to kidnap your girlfriend, possibly while atop a gorgeous, regal steed. A unicorn should not be ruled out, just depends on how faggy I feel.

Parad0x said...

You'll make a great phlebotomist someday, my friend. You'll make a great phlebotomist.


Justice Moustache said...

"Phlebotomist - healthcare professional trained to do venipuncture and capillary punctures."

This is what Google tells me that means... I don't get it. Why am I going to be a phlemologist again?