Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why do these people exist?

You know those degenerate pieces of brainless societal sludge who ride right up on your ass on the interstate, even when you're not in the left lane and you're going 10 mph faster than the speed limit? And then they weave in and out of traffic (with no turn signal of course), forcing everybody else on the road to swerve or slam on the brakes?

Well, one of them just murdered four people, including a woman and her 13-month old baby, and sent more to the hospital with life-threatening injuries... then he sped off to safety, completely unscathed, and had to be tracked down by police two days later. Yes, I used the word "murdered," because this kind of asinine driving shows a complete disregard of the serious risk it poses to everyone else.

There's a good chance at least one more person (a father) will die in the hospital: "one family devastated by the crash was wrestling with a heart-wrenching decision on Wednesday: whether to start planning a joint funeral now or to hold off in case another family member dies."

His lawyer's contention?

"My client was driving, and he was hit in the side of his vehicle. He spun
out of control and basically was unaware that such a collision had occurred, and what happened after it."

Translation: my client, an innocent victim and model driver, was
(unbeknownst to him, apparently) hit by some awful person, and then spun out of control in the middle of the freeway without any knowledge of having hit anyone else. He then rode safely and merrily off, blissfully unaware that anything had happened.

Wow. If that's the best line Lionel Hutz has in his bag of criminal defense tricks, this one looks pretty bleak for this worthless piece of crap. They're gonna LOVE his young, fresh 20-year old face
in the state penn!!

Reckless driver kills four, hospitalizes more


Rudy's Mamma said...

Absolutely horrible. This shit is so upsetting I can't get over it. I think you mean, btw, a 13 month old baby not year. Be careful on the roads!

Justice Moustache said...

Indeed, good eye. All changed now